Friday, 26 August 2011

Neil Is The Best Dalek

What? You mean the 24 hours we spent coming up with the title wasn't enough? We're supposed to write actual posts?

Okay, so, welcome to Neil Is The Best Dalek. So-named in honour of the unappreciated Dalek who's usually loitering at the back wielding a largely unnecessary drinks-tray attachment instead of a sink plunger.

This is a review blog for geeks. There are two of us writing this thing,

So it's completely possible to just, say, hijack what the other one is writing in a really annoying way.

and we don't always agree. So it'll be kind of like a normal review site, except it talks to itself.

We're always watching movies, sometimes we watch TV, we own far too many DVDs, and there might be a few news items and ramblings into the bargain as well.

Excited yet?

First review will be Doctor Who: Let's Kill Hitler. It's on BBC1 tomorrow at 7.10pm. It will probably suck.

The episode, not the review.

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