Saturday, 20 October 2012

A Brief Public Service Announcement

Just a quick note on the present and future of Neil Is The Best Dalek.  (Which is a very grand way of saying "Things you can expect to see on this silly review blog generally read by six people, plus any passing family members when the computer's left on...")

Those of you who are good with pronouns may have noticed that "we" has mostly swapped to "I".  That is because contrary to the original (evil) plan in 2011, there's now only one of us (me) writing reviews.  It's all a bit awkward, but in a nutshell, Doctor Who didn't inspire quite the same interest in both of us, and the back-and-forth involved in compiling reviews was getting rather hairy.  Never mind: co-writer is now pouring her creative mindbabble into the brilliant Hillesque (chock full of insights on writing and, more importantly, hilarious Paint doodles), which of course you should all follow religiously.  Meanwhile, I'm still obsessed with Doctor Who, in spite of Series Six and, well, Doctor Who, so you'll be seeing more of that here.  Obviously.

You can also expect to see movies cropping up some of my favourites, some absolute stinkers, and a whole general bunch probably featuring superheroes in the coming months.  Starting with the very next post...

Cheers for reading!


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  1. Doctor love Neil!

    You can read my interpretation of these events here:

    Doctor Who is poopy though. But now I can say exactly what I think in your comments box without you stopping me!